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legal & immigration services


Includes handling matters in:

  • immigration (visa applications)
  • migration law (refusals/cancellations)
  • general legal matters
  • probate & conveyancing
  • family & civil cases
  • business, finance & leases
  • litigation & court appearance
  • building disputes & resolutions


As a small suburban office, accessibilty is easier so that more time is given to working on the case maximising value for the client. Whatever the problem, our service aims to provide the client with the options available to them, at a low and affordable cost. Whether the choices include directing the client on the requirements of any particular matter, or providing assistance that is covered by little more than the initial free consultation, the aim is always to achieve the result being sought. 


We're just an easy to access suburban practice helping you understand what actions can be taken, so we can work with you to make sure that you understand how the choices you are making might achieve the desired results.

Duty to Act in Your Best Interest

A lawyer has many duties. One of these duties is to ensure that the client's best interests are always maintained, held to the highest standard. Acting in the best interests of our clients, is the first rule of this office. 

Success - depends...

Would you believe that in almost 30 years of practice, Anthony hardly ever lost a case..... but really, such a claim should be put into context; it is largely explained, in truth, by achieving settlements, resolving the problem, and negotiating a favorable result. 

A good lawyer succeeds by negotiations. 

Anthony's ability to achieve results by negotiation is a quality that achieves success. 

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Principal Lawyer


Anthony C. Constantinou

A graduate of the Australian National University (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory), La Trobe University, Melbourne University, and Monash University.  Graduate studies in Migration Law at the Victorian University, Melbourne.  

Admitted to practice (1990) in the Supreme Court of Victoria, the Federal Court and High Court of Australia. 


Experience counts

Weigh up the benefits of seeking the services of an experienced lawyer that is accessible to you, especially when there is no charge for initial consultations for new clients.


Know the Law

Obviously, knowing the Law is very important. It is particularly important in the area of Immigration; an example of its' exceptional importance arises often for non-citizens in Australia: because if a visa application is invalidly made, it will not be approved. Just getting the forms wrong, can result in refusal. So to provide good services, maintaining sound knowledge of the law is always given the highest priority.